Adört Architecture

Since 2006, we have been performing architectural designs and applications for corporate companies. We specialize on office projects in particular, and generate ideas with a holistic view for developing needs.



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What We Do


To date, our experienced team has successfully completed more than three hundred thousand square meters of office, commercial and production area projects. We define ourselves as a design-oriented construction firm, and deeply believe in long-term customer relations. Our primary goal is to create an environment-friendly, timeless, multifunctional and sustainable space In every project that we have designed so far.


Throughout the whole process, we keep in mind the effects of construction - design relationship on the project.

We start planning the implementation process from the design stage; and keep a close eye on timing, budget limits and scope issues up to the final stage of the project. The same process applies for projects in which we work only for construction.

We Believe in

We believe in teamwork and we put it into practice; the harmony between our managers, design and construction teams, and office workers is of great importance to us.
Erdem Argun
Erdem Argun

Architect  (MSGSÜ, 1999) 


Adil Kırkaya
Adil Kırkaya

Architect (MSGSÜ, 1999) 


Argun Alıcı
Argun Alıcı

Arhitect  (MSGSÜ, 2001) 



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