• Project Scope RENOVATION
  • Location Akkom Plaza Ümraniye
  • Area 400 m2
  • Year 2015


HP Turkey Headquarters Office is located on the 7th and 8th floors of Istanbul Ümraniye Akkom Cessas Plaza over a total area of 2500 m². The project started in July 2015 and was completed and delivered in September of the same year.

During HP’s splitting process into two separate companies, the decoration of their existing office on 2 floors was revised in accordance with the new limits and needs defined by prioritizing value engineering. During the process, reception, open offices, meeting rooms, phone booths, break out areas were designed separately for 2 companies. The primary factor that makes the project stand out is the sensibility and finesse shown in the seamless dissociation of the IT, UPS and HUB rooms of a technology giant like HP.

The HP splitting process was completed by working in the weekend and outside office hours to not disturb office life, within the determined timeframe and budget.