Impro Cengiz Makina Office
  • Project Scope DESIGN & BUILD
  • Location Impro Fabrika Taysad
  • Area 2600 M2
  • Year 2019

Impro Cengiz Makina Office

Impro Cengiz Makina office, located in Kocaeli Gebze Organized Industrial Zone with an area of 2000 m2, was taken up at the advanced shell and core stage, and the design and implementation works were completed in December 2019.

In the building where most of the interior architecture elements were already in place, areas with differing functions were designed to provide an office matching new generation working principles.

The reception area, which reveals the brand's global corporate identity, has been transformed into a productive space increasing employee motivation, with the addition of alternative working, meeting and social areas, to the open office areas where dynamism is ensured with vibrant colors and warm materials.