Arvato Bertelsman Turkey Head Office
  • Project Scope DESIGN AND BUILD
  • Location Şişli Plaza
  • Area 3200 M2
  • Year 2016

Arvato Bertelsman Turkey Head Office

Arvato Bertelsman is an international technology firm providing digital technology services in 40 countries around the world. The company, which has been operating in Turkey for many years, provides after-sales technical support services to telecommunication sectors and IT services in addition to its call center operations.

Arvato Bertelsman Istanbul office is an office project located in Şişli Plaza with a total usable area of 3200 square meters, with the first two floors being dedicated to call center and the top floor to management. The project started in May 2016 and was completed in September of the same year, including implementation.

In the process of creating the design concept, the objective to provide a dynamic and spacious working environment for young employees and to leave an entrepreneurial and creative impression on visitors. To address this need, the curvilinear façade of the building itself and the irrational form of the office space were taken advantage of, with the aim of creating an interlocking fluid plan scheme. Open office areas along the façade on each floor have been designed, and when setting up the layout plan, the meeting rooms located in the back have been created by using transparent dividers in order to get maximum benefit from the daylight coming through the façade. 

In the open office sections, open ceilings were preferred to strengthen the dynamic effect and make maximum use of the floor height. Electro-mechanical installation on the ceiling was painted with acoustic paint, and sound-proofing suspended ceiling solutions were applied where necessary.

To create a striking first impression of power and credibility in the reception area, light tones and corporate colors as well as curvilinear forms that direct the user’s attention to the interior were used. Open and semi-open working spaces are positioned to benefit from daylight to a great extent. The rhythmic layout provided by furniture and lighting elements in these spaces is balanced with visual elements and meeting rooms having vibrant colors.  As a common space, the cafeteria has been envisaged as a multi-purpose space that allows socializing and resting.