• Project Scope DESIGN
  • Location Anel Plaza
  • Area 850 m2
  • Year 2021


The Kariyer Headquarters was located over a total area of 1700 m2 on two floors, with Kariyer.net on one floor and Kariyer.net R&D on the other floor, in Anel Plaza in Ümraniye, Istanbul. In accordance with the changing working structure due to Covid-19 measures, these two floors were designed together on a single floor of 850 m2. This renovation project started in February 2021 and was delivered as a design project in March of the same year.

The plan reflects the renewed corporate language of the brand and the changing working model with the pandemic measures on the new design. Notable aspects for the design process were creating multifunctional semi-transparent workspaces with separate spatial setup and seating arrangement for full time and hybrid employees. The aim was transferring new corporate colors and visuals to this design, and creating a simple, dynamic and spacious welcoming area that will best reflect the new corporate identity of the brand.

While creating the new design language, our first starting point was to create multi-functional and at the same time spacious areas that are available to the common use of customers and employees. In the layout plan, which is arranged as two separate offices separated by the reception area, semi-transparent areas that address the needs such as working, resting and meeting, which are available to the common use of the employees, were created within the interior spaces of both offices. These semi-transparent areas were aimed to offer semi-private areas to the employees with dividing modules such as curtains to be used in case the need arises such as in meetings and presentations. The concept of transparency and spaciousness in the open office was emphasized to be perceived from everywhere, by setting up meeting areas, common areas, phone conversation areas and work areas accordingly. In this context, the dividing walls were replaced by transparent glass dividers, tall plants and translucent curtains.