KTM Chemicals Office Headquarters Office
  • Project Scope
  • Location Nidakule Göztepe
  • Area 900 M2
  • Year 2015

KTM Chemicals Office Headquarters Office

KTM Chemicals office is located in Göztepe Nidakule over an area of 900 square meters; and consists of 2 general manager rooms, four meeting rooms –one of which is for the board of directors– open office, reception, kitchen and cafeteria areas. The project started in October 2015 with the design&build method and was completed in December of the same year.

KTM Chemicals is a family-owned company that engages in representation, distribution and international trade in petroleum and petroleum derivatives, petrochemicals, polymers and industrial chemicals. In the process of design concept creation, the objectives were to provide a comfortable and spacious working environment for the company employees and to leave an impression invoking credibility and innovation on the guests.

In line with the modern design concept present across the office, an open ceiling system was preferred. Existing coffered slab was painted with acoustic paint, and sound-proof suspended ceiling solutions were applied where necessary.

To create a first impression of quality, power and credibility in the reception area, light tones, hidden lighting details and Italian Carrara marble were used on the floor. Open and semi-open working spaces are positioned to benefit from daylight to a great extent. In these spaces, the axial setup provided by furniture and lighting elements is balanced with visual elements and walls with vibrant colors.  The cafeteria, which will be used as a common space, is designed as a multi-purpose space that allows for socializing and flexible working.