Lundbeck Istanbul Office
  • Project Scope
  • Location Buyaka Plaza Ümraniye
  • Area 425 M2
  • Year 2017

Lundbeck Istanbul Office

Lundbeck Istanbul office is located in Buyaka Office Tower. The project, which has a usable area of 425 m2, started in April 2017 and was delivered in June of the same year.

As a pharmaceutical company specializing exclusively in brain diseases, Lundbeck is one of the leading global firms in this regard.

The existing plan of the building has played a very influential role in creating the layout plan. Meeting rooms, phonebooths and storage areas are located around the core in the middle of the center, while all working spaces are located along the façade to receive light for the entire day. A circulation corridor has been created between the working areas and the auxiliary spaces around the core, which spans throughout the office. By separating the floor and ceiling coverings made of wooden laths of this circulation area from the rest of the office, emphasis is put on the differing functions. 

Orange, the color of energy and joy, as well as the color of the company corporate identity, is intended to equalize the white colors observed throughout the office. Other warm colors red and yellow were also preferred in some details. Thus, with the balancing of all these colors, a dynamic but at the same time peaceful working space was designed.