• Project Scope DESIGN & BUILD
  • Location Emaar Square
  • Area 700 M2
  • Year 2020


Istanbul Headquarters of Norway-based Statkraft, one of the world's leading companies in the field of hydroelectricity, is located on the 19th floor of Emaar Office Building over an area of 700 m2. The project started in February 2020, and was completed and delivered as a design and implementation project in June of the same year.

Its colors and plain design were planned to reflect the corporate aspects and working strategy of Statkraft. Notable aspects for the design process were the creation of multifunctional areas in the open office area where the company employees can work outside the standard office layout, the closed office areas required by the brief, the arrangement of meeting rooms and ensuring maximum benefit from daylight for all office areas.

During the design and planning phase, our priority was to make the impact of the corporate structure and corporate language felt in all spaces. While a spacious reception area was created at the office entrance to welcome the employees and guests, service areas such as server, archive and warehouse are located in the core of the building; whereas working areas such as open office, meeting rooms and executive rooms were designed along the side of the façade to receive daylight. The table arrangement, sitting area, phone conversation area and social area, to address differing woking and socializing needs, were introduced to the existing program to ensure space variety. These areas were enriched with visuals reflecting the corporate colors and corporate identity of the company.